Wading Through Water: A Guide to Self-Care and Emotional Healing

(as seen on thehoodwitch.com)

Water is life. The water protectors reiterated this because it is an ancient truth. Water is vital to our survival. In Astrology, water is our emotionality, our relationship to the psychic and the intuitive. Water is where our feelings live, and the experience of the water signs, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, are all filtered through an emotional lense.

In a society programmed to produce at unsustainable rates, we often dehydrate ourselves, both physically and emotionally. We deprive our intuition with hopes that things will be easier. But with the absence of water in the physical body, our material strength deteriorates (our earth), our minds weaken (our air), and our passion and drive are stunted (our fire). A lack of attention to the watery parts of ourselves will leave nothing left.

Among retrogrades, political confusion and personal disasters, your intuition will always be your best guide through it. Planets and politicians will always cause you to feel some type of way, but those feelings came from somewhere and they have a place in everything you do. The passion and pain both have histories and until you unpack them, you will continue to carry them and their origins throughout this living journey. Thus, healing is an obligation to your future success and your ability to emote with ease will help to determine the difficulty and how long it will take you to get where you want to be.


In order to get in touch with your emotions, you have to be in the practice of noticing. When your breath speeds up, when your fists clench, when your chest feels tight, it often has nothing to do with what you ate or how well you slept. Jitters, butterflies and sweaty palms are often your body’s response to how you feel and the act of noticing why your body systems have gone into overdrive is the first step in validating these responses. When you feel off, drinking water, exercising or burning some sage might help, but digging deeper into what has been going on for you emotionally is often where the root is. If you have been going through the motions ever since the election or you have been silently swallowing all of the microaggressions you are experiencing at work for the past three months, the water you are missing is not the kind that comes from a plastic bottle or a rocky mountain stream.

It is our duty to exist from a place of intuitive alignment and truth. But this is easier said than done. Feelings of being unsafe, unappreciated and underrepresented are heavy and there is no shame in wanting to quiet them in an attempt to survive. But the idea that stuffing your feelings will help you survive is a misconception. Emotionality does not have to look like outburst. The ability to identify, accept and act upon how you feel when you feel it is the key to honoring and moving through your feels. If your self care routine only consists of bubble baths, Netflix binging and chocolate bar munching, you are trying to soothe your emotions through the physical body. At what point did mentally checking out become a part of taking care of ourselves? When are we going to start trading secrets on how to perfectly execute crying in the shower when your roommates are home or how to clear our emotional energy from our bodies the same ways we clear our crystals? Whether you want to deal with frustration, anger, sadness and pain or not, you cannot unfeel your feelings. Your decision is whether or not these feelings are unleashed in screaming matches with your boss or best friend or if you initiate responsibility for them. It is on you to create the container yourself before someone or something else becomes your punching bag. It is time to start scheduling space to breathe, grieve and seethe along with time for working and twerking. Emotional work is work, and it deserves a space in your life because you cannot succeed at your day job with a tired mind and a heavy heart forever.

Whether it is at moontime or before morning yoga, find time to reflect on all of the charged exchanges we all encounter everyday. Remind yourself that you are worth feeling respected, loved and nurtured. Remind yourself that safety and comfort are a state of mind and not the conditions of a space. Fill out all of the edges of the body that you have been given with the confidence of knowing how to handle whatever comes your way. In a society obsessed with love, we still often forget that relationships are founded on trust and intimacy, two things that stem from our own ability to be vulnerable and emotionally in-touch.

The only place for a delineation between right and wrong is when it comes to how you feel, but there has to be a baseline. Take some time to figure out what feels good, what does not and why. Remember that this list does not have to “make sense” or follow anyone’s logic but your own. Dreams and fantasies will only get you so far but it is your strength and resiliency that will help you stay the course. Strength does not come from an absence of fear or belittling the challenge, it comes from knowing yourself and how to successfully navigate your own limitations. It is time to revise the definition of “self care” and actually learn how to care for the parts of our hearts, bodies and minds that cannot be completely cured by some dark chocolate and a little bit of Grey’s Anatomy. Getting serious about taking care of your emotional needs should be more important to the definition of adulthood than anything else. If we want the people who take care care of us to follow our lead, we are going to need to engage with much more than our food cravings and backaches. So give yourself a minute, a month, a year to get in touch with the origins and trajectories of your feelings. If you never move through the tough stuff, you just might spend your whole life just figuring out the easiest ways around it, and a life of ducking and dodging leaves no room for the healing, growing, loving and learning you were put on this earth to do.

As Seen on theHoodwitch.com: Re-thinking Retrograde

Jaliessa Sipress of Obsidian Moon Astrology’s Article on thehoodwitch.com

Currently Venus, the planet of sensual pleasures, material wealth, beauty and relationship is retrograde, shifting its course and looking to us as if it is receding. This may feel like troublesome longings for past relationships, obsessing over if the person you are currently with is right for you or not and for some, it may feel like nothing has changed. These experiences, varied in complexity and impact, are all valid. This is because a retrograde is not a broad-stroke experience but instead a time for a nuanced perspective on our own relationships to progress.

From Saturn to Mars, all planets have the ability to retrograde, to appear to the Earth as backwards-moving. But this is an Earth-based perception, a time characterized by our unique vantage point, it is not a definitive story of the retrograde experience.


You might try to call your ex, leave your relationship, leave your job, start a new one or freeze from fear of change. Regardless of your particular instinct, the thru-line is a perception of progression. You may want to leave your job because you want to “move forward” or because the job is “holding you back.” You may feel the same about your relationships. These feelings do not come directly from a planet’s motion, but instead the motion triggers our individual notions of how far we have come and how far we are from where we want to be.

Nevertheless, it is not a time to act, but to notice.

If you are feeling nostalgic for a fizzled romance, what are you actually feeling nostalgic for? Being loved and cared for? Having someone to talk to? Getting free food? If the answer falls along the lines of reminiscing about things this person (or people) provided you rather than the people themselves, this is important to notice. Longing to get specific needs met from a past relationship, job or otherwise connection tells you what your needs are, not that the things you rightfully disconnected from deserve any more of your time. Venus retrograde does not want you to get a snarky text back from your ex reminding you of why you ended it, it wants you to think about why you want to send the text, what you are hoping to receive.

To retrograde is to retrace, not to regress. Our job right now is to allow the pain, joy and frustration of the past to take up space in ways that provide confirmation of how far we have come. A retrograde encourages us to go back only in order to salvage the things that were swept up in the wave of loss that will inform the intelligence, maturity and authenticity of our futurity. The returning ache from past pain is not silly or naive but nor is it coincidental. If you are in a state of recollection, view it as informative and forward-thinking, remembering that the only way to move forward is to trudge through what you are dealing with now. Fresh thoughts on stale experiences exist in the present for a reason, and to shrug them off should only be a response that occurs after a recognition that you were carrying them on your shoulders.

We only carry baggage if it still useful to us and it is our job in this time to analyze what about our pasts propel us forward. Wanting physical affection from you last partner(s) informs you of how important touch is to your happiness, not that particular people need to repeat this action to satisfy you. This information can now push you to vocalize that need among the people you already have in your life and the ones to come instead of pushing you to reconnect with someone you intentionally distanced yourself from. Venus retrograde is a magical time for the alchemical transformation of regret into manifestation. To turn “I no longer have” to “this is what I need.” To engage in re-framing the conversation is to redefine the confinement of the present and to interact with the past in a new way.

In the West, the way we perceive time and progress is through forward-motion. We understand history as behind us and the future as ahead. Our decisions are future-minded and we think from start to finish, from left to right. This thinking omits the ways in which our past traumas and lessons learned are some of our greatest assets. It ignores the cyclicality of life, that our pasts always inform and often repeat in our futures.

We often forget that even things perceived as linear will always be attached to their source.

Astrology reminds us of this, that the universe is cyclical, that matter is not created or destroyed. Every New and Full moon we are not working with something structurally different but are instead just presented with new opportunity. This is also the lesson of a retrograde. We are the same physical being that we were in the past, only our circumstances have shifted around us. It only makes sense that we still hold attachments to what came before. Only asking why we dwell on the past weakens the power that we now have to shift our relationship to times engrained in our memory.

Venus is the same planet, regardless of its motion. It concerns our relations, our ability to create and sustain pleasure and stability. It does not serve us to characterize cosmic events in static notions of progress. It is useful to instead recognize a retrograde as a time to slow down. To allow former iterations of various relationships to meet us where we are. To greet them with the knowledge that we now decide the weight of their burden. We must acknowledge our strength and persistence through those times as growing pains and as foundational to the structures we now inhabit.
To let go during a retrograde is a slow-release, a meditation on moving on, a lesson in the medicine of mutability. The trick is to practice this with the knowledge that what you cast away may never stop coming back to you. The goal must not be to get rid of the things that haunt you but to change your relationship to them. To contextualize the return of old feelings, desires and memories as an opportunity to reflect. Venus Retrograde is but another cycle. It is up to you to decide to either ride the wave or get swept up in possibilities of what was and what could be. What could be is always up to you, and it often has little to do with the places, people and things of the past but more to do with your role within them. To follow in the footsteps of Venus is to relate, not to react, and at this time, more satisfaction will come from trying to understand and integrate than from trying to rectify or convince anyone but yourself that they are worthy of all you have to offer.

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Consensual Submersion

This weekend, on the 26th of February around 7AM PST, the Moon will be sitting right on top of the Sun while entangled in web of planetary relationships. This Eclipse will also be caught in the crossfire of Pluto squaring Uranus and Jupiter while the two planets butt heads in an opposition.
Needless to say, this is intense.
This Eclipse beckons you to put energy into where your heart lies, to extend your vitality to what resonates with you on an intuitive level, not just because something “makes sense.” In fact, a conjunction between the Solar Eclipse and Neptune throws logic out the window, possibly causing feelings of haziness, the effect of being lost at sea. This is a reminder to stop operating out of fearful instinct and instead take a moment to get in touch with what FEELS right, what moves you with the current you are engulfed in instead of what has you treading water.
The Moon sitting on top of the Sun is our intuitive, private self smothering our sense of vitality in order to make a point. It seeks to put a veil over our visions that come from strategy, reactionary fear and anger and filter them, instead, through what our bodies, our ancestors, our past-life-lineages are whispering.
And this lesson will be learned through trial and error as Pluto has a chokehold on a battle between an erratic war of the ego (Uranus in Aries) and a call for justice coming from a unified consensus (Jupiter in Libra). Pluto is “the system” in this instance, acting out as a tyrannical government-type force imposing control and order for its own benefit while masking itself as order and morality.
This Eclipse steps outside of this wrestling match between what is and is not “right,” “efficient,” “American,” as it exists astrologically just on the outskirts of this fight, consenting to being temporarily consumed by the Neptunian forces of the psyche and the heart-center. This voluntary submersion in the waters of the unknown, the psychic, the intuitive, is a nudge for us to do the same, to come back out of it re-connected to what we are here to do, to work from the energy of what radiates from the inside out and has little to do with what is being imposed on you (Pluto in Capricorn), but can still help you in destroying it.
With Love and Solidarity,
(collage made by Jaliessa Sipress)
*Today (Thursday, February 23rd) is the last day to book readings for this weekend’s New Moon Eclipse*

2017: Exiting Cloud 9

(image: collage by Jaliessa)

We have entered a “1” year numerologically (the sum of 2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1). Astrologically this year is ruled by the Sun, and it urges us to take initiative on what we want and what we see for ourselves and the world around us. It is a time for manifestation and spiritual alignment of soul, mind and body. It is initiation energy. We have started 2017 in a Jupiter-Uranus opposition and with Mercury retrograde. The planets are sussing it out and dragging you into the mix, asking you to question, reflect, steady yourself and then to act based on lessons learned and knowledge gained along with some good ole intuition. As we leave our woes of 2016 behind us it is extremely important to come out of a 9 year with a clear mind and our eyes on the prize. Whatever it is that steadies you , find a way to integrate it into your everyday life, make it a routine. Yoga, reiki, writing, swimming in fresh water, astrology, intuitive counseling, ritual, candle burning, salt cleansing; whatever it is, build yourself a sanctuary within your tools. Find a way to prioritize whatever it is that you hold at your center, whatever it is that motivates you to leave your bed in the morning and follow it. Manifest a knowing that you always have a safe space to return to both if your journey that day, week, month or year, messes with you and blows you open or if it makes you bitter and closed off. This coming year, get ready, stay ready but the most important thing to do is act. Staying on the defensive will only move you backwards with every blow. 


If you would like help orienting yourself to your own powers and limitations, I am available for booking locally in Oakland, CA or worldwide via Skype. To begin the process of setting up a reading visit the readings page.

All the New Year blessings,


New Moon in Capricorn: The Web We Weave

(image collaged by Jaliessa)

2016 was a buster for most, but the universe is giving us one final gift.

A New Moon ruled by Father Saturn in the sign of Capricorn will be straddling the 28th and 29th of December.

Although this year we have lost a lot of lives, most of our hope, dignity and motivation, many lessons have been learned. We have learned to keep each other close and to appreciate people while they are still here with us, to think ahead, be prepared and not to underestimate the powers that stand in opposition to us.

While loss, disappointment and disenfranchisement may leave you wanting to escape it all in celebrating the new year, the universe wants to support you in getting a firm stance on the ground as the world continues to turn and we head into a new calendar year.

A New Moon in Capricorn is a fresh start in the art of planning. Capricorn keeps their cards close to their chest and watches their opponent very closely, but their fiercest weapon is knowing their hand.

A Capricorn knows exactly what it is, an “impossible creature,” a sea-goat, a fishtailed Capra, it is whatever it shows to the world and it very much is what it does.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign and is interested in action. It leads with steady hooves and horns of steal, but it is always dragging its emotional, fishy self with it. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a planet sometimes mistaken for a cunning but boring businessman. In truth, alongside tradition, order and getting things done, Saturn is also invested in true embodiment, leadership and integrity.

Alignment of value and action is one of Capricorn’s life-long goals and for the past two weeks, we have been given the opportunity to reflect as we sit with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. We have been checking our work twice and reviewing for every error, but this New Moon asks for more. It troubles what error is and what you are checking your work for. Have you been watching your timeliness, amount of social approval, spelling and capitalization or are you making sure what you are putting out in the world is a true reflection of your values and was done with integrity? Was completing the task fulfilling because you could check it off of your list or because it was something you can be proud of and supports your larger goals?

Now, not everything we do confirms our values, goals and principles but, in that case, how many things do you accomplish in a year that do? In a month? A week?

A New Moon is exciting because it is an opening, a portal, a new horizon, but beginnings are always best when they are born from self-reflection, awareness of what has and has not worked and stem from a place of understanding why we do what we do and not just how we do it.

Additionally, this New Moon is sitting alongside Mercury and the Sun, both in Capricorn, confirming that the best way to celebrate this lunar transition is to create a vision board, make lists, free-write and employ other ways of reflecting, communicating and categorizing data about your year behind and ahead of you.

The Moon will also be getting a little wink in the form of a Trine (120 degree angle) from it’s North Node in Virgo, (in astrology, the nodes concern the life path and soul trajectory) meaning your instinctual drive towards aligning yourself with your work in new, possibly scary, challenging and risky ways will most likely be coming from a place of higher knowing that you need to step outside your comfort zone to move in a new direction. My only caution comes from the sextile (60 degrees) between this New Moon and Mars in Pisces, which may influence the escapism and idealism in some and may trigger some overwhelm in others.

So, as the night or early morning is glowing with New Moon energy, take some time to self-reflect and ground yourself in what you believe in, maybe make a list of your core values. Then make sure to trouble how that is showing up for you in your day-to-day life, your work, your relationships, your home. If the crossover is bleak, write, collage, copy and paste, list, draw or pencil in a plan for how you will weave a web with both threads and your ever-impending future will start to look a little less scary.

New Moon + New Year blessings,


Of Obsidian Moon Astrology

Full Moon in Gemini: A Reckoning

(image via Pedro Sarmento Costa-LA Times)

In a world of dichotomies, a Gemini is told to choose. They are often asked to choose only one or two colors to wear in a single outfit, to decide which project they want to pursue, and to set their sights on a single destination. This creates rather impossible circumstances for a mutable sign under the influence of the adaptable planet of Mercury.

Gemini is primarily compelled to explore and digest the world, but has less interest in categorizing or labeling it, as its Mercurial cousin Virgo does that job quite well.

So why do we put ourselves up to such impossible tasks? Why stretch oneself to fill the shoes of occupations that are already occupied?

Under a Geminian lunar experience, wearing 6 colors and 4 different patterns is encouraged. Taking journeys with undefinable destinations is the norm. Asking rhetorical questions and proposing impossible answers feels fruitful. It feels flirty and uncertain and powerful. And that is not all. This Tuesday, December 13th, the moon will be joined by Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra to form a Grand Trine. This means the supermoon is being further encouraged by the planets of action and expansion to reach for new heights in the name of freedom and curiosity and with the inspiration and confidence of a visionary.

Make sure to talk this one out. This is not a keep-it-in-my-journal type of visioning, this is bigger and bolder and can feel far less tangible if we are not spelling it out.

A natal moon in Gemini is often a marker for the significance of emotional processing through various forms of communication. When thinking beyond “impossibility,” creating vision boards and making newer, bigger, brighter goals, check them out with the people who support you and/or people who share the same hopes and dreams for the world as you do! They will be able to think through questions of tangibility, sustainability and intention v. impact with you. A Gemini knows how to go it alone, but where is the fun in private revelations and hiding your newfound keys to success?

Luckily, this time around, Saturn is also acting as an ally for accountability, there to help with self-awareness and intention-setting. A Grand Trine is a powerhouse of sweetness and light, but most astrologers definitely believe you can always have too much of a good thing and that a hard aspect can always electrify, ground or re-direct a powerful triad when needed. This upcoming Grand Trine in the three air signs can leave us floating on cloud nine with no sense of gravity, time or plan for implementation. Fortunately, Father Saturn, stewing in the sign of Sagittarius, is keeping a watchful eye over this phenomenon through its opposition to the moon itself. This will help us to keep our feet on the ground while we run like hell towards our newly re-energized needs, hopes and dreams. Saturn will always help us remember that the how, when and where should always be an integral part of any plan if its trajectory wishes to be successful and beneficial for not just us but those impacted by our actions around us.

This Full moon, catapult into a soft crater to nest your ambitions in so that they can gestate and glow from above while you work to create a home for them here on the home planet, hoping that by springtime you will have a special place for them to thrive in a reality made of what feels like lucid dreams.

Many Moontime blessings,


New Moon in Sagittarius: To Follow the Fire

(image via NASA)

Not the archer but the arrow.

The actualized embodiment of expansion, limitless destination and fearlessness.

A New Moon in the fiery sign of Sagittarius invites new flames of passion for seeking knowledge outside of ourselves and our everyday experiences and to create reason for enthusiasm in what was before considered the mundane.

A New Moon in Sagittarius is an intuitive need to run. To abandon fear, responsibility and structure for experience and discovery on newer, richer terrain. A Sagittarius is usually apocalypse-ready as it has spent years prioritizing learning from the people, plants and animals in their surroundings rather than from descriptions in books. For the arrow it is not about the destination, but the journey without much forethought to future or consequence. A planet under the influence of Sagittarius believes it is as free as the wind, and it is.

And we are.

As humans, we are organized into societies, into structures that doom most of us to a mundane and oppressive reality. But in our inherent existence there lies a choice to comply or resist, along with decision of what tools, facades and privileges we utilize to enact these things.

Audre Lorde said, you cannot dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools. If we are talking hardware, a wrench can destroy just as much as it has built, but the essence of looking beyond these tools lies simply in the fact that fire leaves no room for a re-utilization of the house built on the backs of some and the privilege of others.  It is also usually far more effective at destruction than unscrewing all of the support beams.

But a Sagittarius will set fires for fun. What is needed right now is a fire with a strategy, an exit plan and a blueprint for recuperation.

This New Moon, I want to challenge you to go beyond burning it to the ground. To see beyond the smoke-screen and in to a future that lies beyond that which you have been previously taught the boundaries are. Sagittarians are dreamers, students and teachers on the cutting edge of learning and teaching that embody the part of fire that spreads in an instant with an insatiable hunger for more.

We deserve more. We need more, and to embody the intuition of a planet under Sagittarian influence is to abandon the borders that you have been spoon-fed. To re-envision is to follow the fire’s path until you stumble upon something worth saving.

Today, on 4:18pm PST and onward, we are talking about transformation and reclamation of land and liberation. And today that looks like going with the instinct of fire, of feeling from your passion place and acting out of love, light and rage.

What does it look like to create a vision board that goes beyond your lifetime and your physical reach? What does it look like to make a vision board for the future of your community? That includes the next generation of humans, plants and non-humans animals? These are the questions that this moon demands answers too.

Extend with the help of Jupiter to heights you were told not to imagine and shoot the arrow of possibility into the vastness of the universe where liberation for all is possible, tangible and necessary.

Not just because we need it, but because we deserve it.

Love + Solidarity,


New Moon in Scorpio: The Flood

(image via NASA)

“If the sting of Scorpius surrounds the halo of the Moon at its appearance, the flood will come. If the plough star comes close to Scorpius: the ruler will die from a sting of the scorpion”

Assyrian Omens, c.8th century BC

As the moon is renewed in the constellation of Scorpio, it brings on a flood: destruction by water, cleansing by force, a disruptive destruction. A Moon in Scorpio is marked by intensity. One under Scorpion influence is not fond of small-talk or surface-level relationships, and its intuitive nature is one of deep emotional exchange, but only under the most safe and secretive of circumstances. There is a strong sense of privacy and protection of oneself with this sign, as exemplified in a Scorpion’s built-in deadly defense system.

Historically, the constellation of Scorpio is always one that deals with death and rebirth. Ruling the excretory system, the sexual organs and the bowels, Scorpio is invoked when there is a need for something to be released.

This release is not pretty or pleasant, you will not find it in silent meditation or casual conversation. This release is one with baggage, whether that be trauma-related, or stemming from some attachment to social taboo.

As we are gifted a newness of the Moon in the sign of Scorpio, some of us may be asked to face the parts of ourselves we hide from, the parts that scare us and others around us, the parts you want to protect from the outside world, and from yourself. When a Scorpio sees fear, it wants to face it and fight it, and on this day it asks you: What in you are you afraid of? What behaviors, desires, events or reactions do you repeatedly try to bury that keep re-surfacing? And then it asks you to make space for what comes up.

Whether or not you are ready, the New Moon is bringing on the flood, and this flood will look different for everybody; a flood of emotion, a flood of intensity, of impulsivity, of contemplation or maybe a flood of anxiety. Regardless of its form, this flood is bold, and with the Moon’s trine to Neptune, there can be inclinations towards escapist behavior in order to deal. Escaping into social situations, substance use or lethargic reclusion is easy around this time of year, but there will be more reward in what you take ownership in right now. It is not the time for escaping and dismissing all of the power we have at our fingertips. This is the time to engage the parts of you that you cannot see, the parts that come from legacy and magic.

This moon may try to rock you, but it is also giving you an opportunity to ground yourself in your present by looking to your past; looking into the histories of you and your people, into your past lives, or into the past of this lifetime, in order to gain insight into what needs to be carried away when the water recedes, and what you will embody as you step in to your future. But remember to look closely, to not ignore the things that are uncomfortable or scary. Flood waters often carry things with them from the depths, and what is not dealt with will be left exposed on the shore.

The thing about Scorpio is that it is well aware of what is deemed “socially acceptable,” and right and just and good in the societies we take part in, but all it means for the Scorpion is that some things are to be kept away from the public eye, that some things are just yours, and yours alone. Scorpio recognizes privacy and secrets as a necessary part of healing, and knows that there is no diminished value to a triumph won in the dark.

Happy All Hallow’s Eve, and many New Moon blessings,


Full Moon in Aquarius: A Time for Lucid Dreaming

A full moon in Aquarius is big, its shiny, its wondrous. In some ways, Aquarius is similar to a full moon; it is steady, bright, independent and always keeping a watchful eye over the bigger picture.  Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Fixed signs are the middle child, the go-between, the transition and always a part of something larger than themselves, and the water-bearer is no exception.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is the essence of freedom. Freedom from ego, from worldly attachments and from tradition. An Aquarian moon needs space and a loose sense of time, or at least some acknowledgment of time as a continuation. With a trine between the moon and Uranus occurring at this time, we have extra support and visionary guidance in leaving our ego behind us as we envision, enliven and unload.

Under this full moon, give yourself some space. Take a seat on top of this full moon and look down from above. What do you see? What parts of your life have become routine, products of material need and societal restraint? What parts are of your own creation, products of your imagination, your light and your essence?

An Aquarian moon calls for some solitude and some thought. It calls us to acknowledge the parts of us we have left behind in the name of survival or practicality. On this full moon, call those things in. Maybe invite one back from the periphery and put it back into your vision for the future.

Despite all of its dream-like qualities and heirs, Aquarians mean business and they usually expand and explode expectations.

We are all a culmination of matter that is timeless, that was here and that will continue to be here after we have gone. Under the slim light that this almost-eclipsed Aquarian full moon brings us, take a moment to ponder this life and the next. What are you here to learn? What is this life’s path? You are here to accumulate knowledge and experience, but in what form, on what subject? At what cost?

The moon is nestled in the sling of our emotions. It exists in the heart’s center. It comes from the most vulnerable place within ourselves. What does it mean for us to bring an Aquarian sense of worldly thought and action to our heart’s center? It means being the water-bearer to your own vision. It means watering your self-esteem, your plans for the future and your will to follow what feeds you.

A full moon is always time to give thanks, so make a list of what you’re thankful for and use all of those things as reasons why you have enough of a foundation to manifest the type of life you envision for yourself and for the world. This is the time to think big, to think long-term and to think collectively. Remember that you are one of many and that your dreams will almost always affect and include other beings. Think of them too.

This full moon, crawl into your heart’s center, a place an Aquarius is not necessarily comfortable being, and plan, plot, dream. Do it because it is uncomfortable to work from there, because it is seen as impractical and vulnerable. Practicality and stoicism are limiting, and if we are basking in the light of Aquarius, we are exponential.

With love, solidarity and full moon blessings,

Pluto: A New Horizon

(media credit: wikipedia)

In these times, it is hard to think of anything but survival. When black and brown people are being murdered in the streets consistently without any real justice, it is evident that the issue is the system and our contribution to it. Capitalism, patriarchy, heteronormativity and white supremacy are poisonous oppressive systems which inhibit our ability to thrive. When you are relegated to the margins, it is hard to imagine yourself thriving, it is hard to imagine there is something better for you, and within this system, there is not.

Lately, people seem ready to watch everything burn, to fight until we win. But what happens when we win? What happens after the ashes settle? Liberation is not a fantasy or some kind of utopian philosophy. It is at our fingertips as we cover the streets in broken glass and voice our unapologetic rage to a system that only wins in our silence. But we need a plan, a blueprint for a new society.

In the world of astrology, times like this call for Pluto as our ally. Pluto rules transformation, regeneration, power, rebirth and cycles. It rules the shadow realm and the depths, and harnesses the unmatched power of the unknown. Pluto stays in one sign anywhere from 14-31 years. This planet is steady, it is collective, it is calculated. In Greek mythology, Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, capturing the personification of innocence and purity, Persephone, and sabotaging her life in the sun with the fruits of hell. Pluto is not scared of what happens in the trenches, and it knows its way out. Pluto is our ultimate key to long-term transformation.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and is the planet furthest from the sun. In its position over a karmic sign, Pluto has much to teach us by way of showing our cards, letting it all hang out, and revealing the wounds, the grime, the trauma and the pain.

Medically, Pluto is related to systems of excretion. It is connected to the reproductive organs, bladder and rectum. These are the organs of the body that society is most uncomfortable with; the organs that produce feces, blood, birth and sexual fluids. These organs and systems are related to cycles, death, new life and all of the mess in between.

Our world is broken, ridden with trauma and grief, and Pluto knows that the only way out is through. In the last month, death and destruction have riddled the streets with bullets and bodies. There is no way to ignore this, there is no rug big enough to sweep the wrong-doings of this country under. The first step in transformation is recognizing things for what they are.

It is obvious after wrongful convictions of mass amounts of people of color and poor people, after consistent shootings of those armed and unarmed and after mass amounts of deportations, that the system is not on our side. We need something new. We deserve something new. This past year (2015), 965 people were fatally shot by the police¹; we are in the trenches, we are far from the light. But this planet is steady, it waits. Pluto, and its karmic sign Scorpio, have a strong fascination not only with death but what comes after.

Pluto recognizes complexities and is always looking beyond what it can see. We need to start taking notes. What comes after police? What will survive the fire? What does justice look like to us? What is our metamorphosis, our ticket back into the sun?

We need to believe we have a future. We need to start thinking big. We need to organize ourselves and envision what is next. There is always another side, there will always be more, and we have a responsibility to the next generation to respond with action. We cannot rely on old systems that were built on our backs. Pluto arrives cunningly, with the intention to win and brings the secrets of the shadows—but invents new ways to utilize them.

We cannot dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools but we forget that we have tools of our own. We forget that we were the ones who survived tooth and nail over systems that robbed us of everything but our bodies and that we need each other to fight, heal and thrive. It is imperative that we do not accept the stagnancy of their systems any longer and that we create our own by reaping the tools of our collective pasts and by envisioning our collective future.

  1. A year of reckoning: Police fatally shoot nearly 1,000. Washington Post. December 26, 2015.
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With Love, Magic and Solidarity,

Jaliessa Sipress